Monday, March 18, 2013

Happy Happy Birthday :)

Just wanted to post a small post today to wish some one I consider to be one of my best friends a very very happy & special birthday.. :) I don't want to blog her age as women that's one sacred secret that is only to be shared by the individual ex specially over the world wide web :D but I wanted to wish her the bestest Happy Birthday.

So Very very Happy Birthday to the super creative and talented Mrs. Shari . The bestest friend some one could ask for :) . Hope you have a super duper special day.


  1. Sara, she's posted her age on her blog. Think you could have too....LOL!!! Hugs, my friend. And a happy birthday to Shari.

  2. Oh Sara! Thank you sooooo very much for the beautiful wishes for my birthday! I was so happy that oyu were able to come to my surprise party, it would not have been the same with out my Very Bestest Danish friend there =)

    Love you lots and lots;
    your friend for LIFE!!